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Query on SunDirect Wallet.


Sun Direct Expert
23 Feb 2018
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Because, they are not including GST on your subscription but they are calculating GST upfront on your main balance recharge amount. Here, Cashback is also your recharge amount.
When not used main balance.

When used main balance GST gone as it was already deducted from recharged amount wether it was 50 or 520.
Yep. Posted about this in my first reply above! 🙂
2) Recharge Process:
Here is what happens during a recharge, using money that is already in the Sun Direct wallet:

a) No additional GST will be added to the recharge amount if you are going to be making the entire payment by only using money that is already in the wallet.

b) An additional GST of 18% will be added to the recharge amount if the wallet has zero balance, and you are going to be paying the entire recharge amount online.

C) 18% GST will be added only partially, if half the payment is made using wallet money and the remaining payment is paid online. Meaning, GST will be applied only to the remaining payment that is about to be paid online.
But that doesn't explain why they would include the cashback amount in the GST calculation for the top up.

A cashback is supposed to be exclusive of any taxes.

In this case, I would have liked the final amount in the wallet to be:

423.73 in the wallet ( adding 18% GST to which would arrive at 500)


20 cashback (no GST)


443.73 in the wallet.

Which is ....

Rs.3.05 more than what it is now!

🤦‍♂️🤦🤦‍♀️ 😁

Elvin Paul

4 Mar 2018
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On second thoughts,

18% of 423.73 is

423.73 x 0.18 = 76.2714

From what you are saying,

" an amount with 18% extra of it "

Would mean,

423.73 (an amount) + 76.2714 (18% of said amount) = 500.0014

Is this what you are saying?

Which would mean they are calculating GST for the cashback too!?


18% of 440.68 would be,

440.68 x 0.18 = 79.3224

So, 440.68 + 79.3224 = 520.0024

That ....

is weird.

And kind of makes sense.

And makes me wonder why in the world are they calculating GST for cashback?! 🤔
Yes, this is my point. I should've explained. Cashback would also come under GST. Because here it's actually an extra ₹20 recharge that is given for free by Sun Direct and not an instant discount.
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