Ramu's 'Not A Love Story' takes on Sanju's 'Chatur Singh....'

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9 Aug 2011
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Three films release this week - 'Not A Love Story', 'Chatur Singh Two Star' and 'Sahi Dhandhe Galat Bande'. Out of the three, even though 'Chatur Singh Two Star' is the biggest of the lot in terms of starcast (Sanjay Dutt), scale and setting, the film that would see better footfalls coming it's way would be 'Not A Love Story'. Not that it would enjoy terrific footfalls for itself and in fact anything around 50%-60% opening would be quite good for this as well. After all the promotion of this Ram Gopal Varma thriller has been just about apt while there is no star to pull any audience either. However what works in it's benefit is the shoestring budget at which the film is shot, something that should help it sail through.

As for 'Chatur Singh Two Star', it is a film that was made two years ago and is now finding a release for itself post the comic success that Sanjay Dutt has seen in 'Double Dhamaal'. The film may turn out to be funny but minimal promotion as well as lack of awareness amongst the audience would impact it's opening weekend collections. What may just about work in it's favour is it's appeal at the mass centres that would ensure that it has good visibility at the single screens. Now that may just about help this comic affair to earn some moolah for itself.

Third release of the week is 'Sahi Dhandhe Galat Bande' which, despite looking interesting, may just have to work extra hard to fetch attention for itself. With 'Aarakshan' expected to find an audience in the second weekend as well, 'Not A Love Story' carrying good reports and 'Chatur Singh...' being the first choice at the single screens, this Parvin Dabas directorial debut would have to rely on good reviews. Going by the promos, the film looks interesting. Also Parvin has seemingly managed a similar 'real life' touch to it as was the case in 'Khosla Ka Ghosla'. However the challenge would be for the initial set of audience to step in and then enable good word of mouth to enhance the film's chances.

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