Selfcare potral not working


2 May 2011
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Airtel digital TV selfcare portal not working....

Please tell if working for anyone.... :angry:
yes adtv's portal all time not working.....they are in a slower server which is always down so.:down
Many Time It happen if login to try Other portal link So use Portal Link By Digital tv Login link Websites And Check and Reply.
try refreshing the page for page where it stucks,it will load. airtel portal works like a car which has broken down, one has to push the car just like that one has to reload many times in airtel portal to open a page
Tried, but not working first loading very slow and thereafter disconnecting!!
:angry::angry:This problem is with Airtel.I Wonder such a re known company and not concentrating its basic work that is services.To Open Ur web account is like that u have done a remarkable work
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