Sippy open to Sholay in 3D


25 Mar 2011
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MUMBAI: Mukta Arts and Ketan Mehta's Maya Digital have teamed up to re-create the Ramesh Sippy blockbuster Sholay in 3D.

Reacting to the news, filmmaker Rohan Sippy, son of Ramesh Sippy avers, "Sholay in any format is enjoyable."

While he has no objections on the new version of Sholay going 3D, Rohan goes on to give a word of caution. "I just hope they do a world-class job at re-formatting the film in 3D. Because we have recently seen that the 3D quality of several foreign films has been plain average."

On any plan to make a 3D film now that the technology is catching up, the Dum Maaro Dum director replies, "I have been studying the 3D technology but there are several factors that go into the making of a 3D film."

Firstly, the story should be such that the format can be exploited well. Secondly,length is an important factor. A 3D film has to be as short as possible because it gives physical strain to the viewer in terms of watching the film with glasses. Thirdly, budget is a major concern, Sippy adds.

Nevertheless, Rohan says that 3D is an exciting format and he would like to experiment with it at some stage.
source : indiantelevision
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