SLA Timelines for Installation & Process Transparency for Orders Booked Online

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6 Oct 2011
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I hope somebody from Videocon D2H reads this,as iam very unclear on their process of transparency on online bookings
let me state my case : I had booked in an online HD Box on, the transaction was completed and i received a confirmation of deduction of Rs 2690 from my CC company
The site published the following details
Order Number: D2H20111005080431
Order Received: Oct 5, 2011
Total Amount : INR (Indian Rupees) 2690.00

But i did not get any directions on what is the timeline of Installation or the modus by which i would be communicated.Being a process driven person i immediately mailed up with the relevant order details to [email protected] & [email protected], but did not get any reply. I called up cusotmer care and they as usual were clueless and mentioned that they are not aware of Online Transactions , and cannot help. I called up on 02242000555 and they mentioned that they will call back, and no marks for guessing it right : they never did.So i thought of marking the mail to the nodal officer Mr.Radhakrishnan ( [email protected]) and putting it on Open Forums.

So my points are
1) What are your SLA if any to customers for installation and what is the process.This would help all who cared to book online and are gaping as what will happen ahead
2) What comes as part of your package
a) What is the Antenna Size for HD Box ( Installation personnels dont have a clue or have different motives, i see HD box installed with 60cm Antenna ( Standard ), 65cm HD( written ) antenna & 90cm Antenna
b) What is the LMB offered is it mono( single ) for HD or Dual LMB.
Or does a) & b) depend on signal strength reception (65 or 90 cm Antenna & single or double LNB)

Can some concerned Videocon D2H authority or an already experienced customer in the forum throw light on the above aspects
Videocon Team : Its time that accountability, professionalism & transparency towards customers sets in.This will help you broaden your base when you have a hopefully( Since i have only compared and yet to experience)decent product and a great pricing


Thanks For Sharing With Dreamdth, Its Show D2h Poor management And need to improve online presence & online visibility,
Better to buy any dth from your local dealer which is cheap.. and dealer can help u all the time.. rather than adopting a confused online order process...............
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