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Good News Sony Max HD completes 5 years


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5 Oct 2014
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On Christmas 2015, Sony Max HD was launched after a long delay, years after Star Gold HD, Zee Cinema HD and even &pictures HD were launched. Initially it ensured to show critically-acclaimed and niche movies, like Star Gold Select HD or &xplor HD, but since 2017 at least half (if not more) of its schedule is dedicated to South Indian movies, with the rest for Bollywood and Hollywood. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, except that SPN manages its Hindi movies more poorly than Zee, Star or even Viacom18. Also, this in Sony’s only Hindi HD movie channel, and it doesn’t have the luxury of an &pictures HD, nor does it have any plans of launching one in the future.

This article shows how premium-focused Sony Max HD was at launch, which is the opposite of what we have today. Sony Pictures Networks launches Max HD, targets urban movie buffs

Nevertheless, for what it is, it’s still an important part of the SPN Hindi cluster. Here’s the Jee ke dekho brand video used at launch.

P.S. Today is also the 11th anniversary of 3 id*ots, one of the most important Hindi films on Sony Max HD. Interestingly, Christmas in 2009 (when 3 id*ots was released), in 2015 (when Sony Max HD was launched) and in 2020 (today) all fall on Fridays.
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29 May 2011
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Sony needs to launch atleast a SD ch for airing post 2000 bollywood films. There is wide audience which still does not have internet or ott access and loves watching bollywood films. Though i do understand that it might not match ratings or profit margins that dubbed cinema brings for them but ignoring it is not right. Already sony losing out so many bollywood banner satellite rights and they need to make a strong comeback in this segment
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