Sports 181 HD poor FIFA world cup coverage


3 Aug 2019
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I understand Sports 18 1 does not have adequate experience of broadcasting live sports events, but I am upset with the quality of coverage of opening ceremony and telecast of Qartar vs Ecquador match. Audio and Video are all over the place. It is getting stuck most of the times on linear tv. Coverage is like as if you are watching it with a very low bandwidth internet. In actual I am watching on linear tv on Tata Play, and am experiencing a kind of latency or buffering on liner tv. Not sure if it is the case with airtel digital tv as well or is it broadcaster issue. Quality is not even par with free sports channel
After mid of Second half the stream was good. Only problem was they stopped showing the scorecard in Main Feed
As far as I concerned, I won't feel any lag or buffering while watching the first match... (I watched on dish TV (st2).. But am sure most of the Indian viweres they could not digest this channel because this channel has no Indian touch at all..In jio cinema there was some problem at the beginning,after updating the application that was also smooth..
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signal quality is 20 on Tata Play. Not sure if that is the reason

If u r getting signal quality of just 20 then surely there will be intermittent /frequent freezing of frames noticeable while watching the channels. Request u to raise a request with Tata Play and get ur Dish Aligned properly and even LNB Skew adjusted correctly
For me No buffering or no struct in TATA Play. I watched HD channel.
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