Tencricket sd added in hd royale pack.


31 Jul 2011
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Above subject , pl confirm biswa brother. It has been added in place of ten cricket upscaled hd.
Karthik... Give source for your information??? HD pack not concerned with addition of SD channels... Ten cricket SD is already there in Platinum pack, which by default every HD subscriber has to take it as his base pack... Pl reply with the source of your information...
Free viewing of Ten Cricket SD has been enabled on LCN 658. I have just checked now.. Earlier viewers had to pay for a sports pack to watch Ten Cricket. Currently free viewing is enabled. Its done may be because of removal of Ten Cricket HD (Upscaled) on LCN 79, today morning.
No biswa. When i subscribed for royale pack, ten cricket is not present. I top uped.
Royale Pack only concerned with the HD channels.... Ten cricket SD is included in platinum pack, currently made free viewing.. after subscribing to royale pack i have checked, Ten Cricket SD was not on free viewing. Its on free viewing from today...
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