TLC kicks off "Oh My Gold" on 11 July at 9 pm

26 May 2011
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NEW DELHI: Discovery's lifestyle channel, TLC, is all set to tell the world how Indians love jewellery - in a show hosted by actor Lisa Ray.

Shot initially in five cities - Hyderabad, Kochi, Chennai, Jaipur and Delhi - the five-part show 'Oh My Gold' will be aired daily from 11 July at 9 pm.

Discovery senior VP and South Asia GM Rahul Johri said that the cities had been chosen for their own special features as far as jewellery went. Jaipur was known for 'jardhau' jewellery, Hyderabad for its pearls, Chennai for its design-based temple jewellery, Kochi for the shine and light jewellery, and Delhi for its craze for diamonds.

Answering a question, Johri told that a lot of research had gone into the present series.

The show's director Bindya Murgai told that though she was not a great expert on jewellery, she had personally shortlisted the cities keeping in view their specialties. She said the showrooms chosen were of people who had been in the business for a long period of time, with a family business concept.

Murgai said, "Ray, who is half Bengali and half Polish and lived in Canada, would help sell the show overseas, since it would be telecast globally.".

Ray said she had approached the programme like a 'cultural detective', learning about the culture and psyche of jewellery. She had herself learnt a lot about the jewellery in India and the customs associated with it. Asked about her own preferences, she said she preferred her own jewellery to be subtle.

Referring to her recent battle with cancer and her return to the world of entertainment, Ray said the journey had been fulfilling. She preferred to call herself a 'cancer graduate' rather than a 'cancer survivor'.

Other Indian lifestyles being telecast on TLC include Travel: Indian Rendezvous; Cuisine; A matter of Taste with Vir Sanghvi; Fashion: Adventures f Ladies Tailor Manish Arora; Travel and Leisure - Dream Hotels by Sushama Reddy; Travel and Cuisine - Vir Sanghvi's Asian Diary, and Celebrity Lifestyle - Living with a superstar, Shah Rukh Khan.
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