DTH updates TV sets to soon have inbuilt satellite tuners to ensure viewers get FTA channels without need for a STB

The idea is good but connecting coaxial wire to expensive tv from ku dish is not recommended as lightning can damage tv. Better buy buy spare box you can get it at 1k to 2k.
The irony is now most new TVs are released with inbuilt DVBT2 tuner but the
DVB T transmission it self stopped saying no viewers and cost of running is high.

They rolled out DVBT, when no TVs supported the feature, now all most all new TVs are providing DVBT capability they have shutdown the transmission.
from last few years , may be after 2016,
when Samsung or other brand brought Inbuilt receiver for dish TV, and later d2h.

I was clueless ,who are consumer, which use Age old analog antenna to watch DDchannels .
and got clear that in few years STB, as name include TOP, means essentially menas extra hadward/electronics which is needed to watch TV either from cable operator,private DTH or DDFD is simply creating e-waste... instaed TV manufaturer from kora/japan etc should bringonly those model which support CAM card in CI slot

its great that govt via BIS is mandating satellite tuner gets inbult and people can watch DDFD.
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Finally we are getting this ❣️ I was wondering about it. So now on we will not that analogue input we'll get antenna input. One remote for all needs. This will definitely kill the paid subscription in urban areas where broadband is on high demand on that each service provider is giving OTT subscription at paying little extra each month.
BTW I own Videocon LCD TV inbuilt d2h STB.
Well, first thing first, when will this gonna be happen?
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