Vrinda again outsmarts the bahus in Hamari Devrani


7 Apr 2011
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The bahus have been constantly been conspiring against Vrinda to prove her as a wrong choice for Mohan in the eyes of Nani. In the upcoming episode Vrinda will once again foil their plan in the Star Plus afternoon show Hamari Devrani.

Our source informs, “The bahus are trying out different ways to disgrace Vrinda in front of the whole family. This time too they have come up with a vicious plan to prove her wrong. Manjula will steal an idol of Lord Krishna and hide it in Vrinda’s room thereby proving her guilty of stealing it. Nani alongwith Dimpy plan to check each and every room. Vrinda smells the conspiracy planned against her and she finds the same Krishna idol in her room. Before anyone can spot it she herself gives the idol to Nani and accepts that she had stolen it. The bahus will be shocked at Vrinda’s behaviour and will be confused by her actions. However, Vrinda’s motive behind this will be to keep the family united.”
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