what is cam or encryption systems

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3 Nov 2010
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full name of cam is "The Conditional Access Module" it is a electronic device & When you insert a CAM into the Common Interface slot on your digital receiver, a world of new packages become available to you. All you need to view the digital packages is the appropriate Conditional Access Module and viewing card.
we can say it smart card but it is working in other slote, as per trai Guidance in india all dth operator Provide Cam slot with Stb, but todays is nothing to use coz operator not launch cam in market,

types of cam or types of scrambled/encryption systems (Base on india) :

1) Tatasky & Airtel use Nds Videoguard
2) sun direct and D2h use irdeto
3)dish tv use Conex & Seca
4)Big tv use Nagravision
Same scrambled or encryption technology for C-band Receiving for Cable Operator,
Example : Zee network use Conex,Star Network use Videoguard,Sun 18 and Zoom Are using irdeto

Cams images:


* it is on my knowledge bases Please help for improve this article
Mostly Three things that are needed for Decryption for encrypted channels

1. A directshow filter such as MDAPIfilter.ax or MDAPIPlus.ax to sit in the filter graph and decrypt the actual stream. :k

2. A Software CAM (Conditional access module) like ACAMD to get the decryption keys.:huh

3. A card reader server like Oscam to access the card and pass on the card details to the softCAM.

Welcome if any other Exclusive Info by anyone On Irdeto 2 :luv
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