Discussion Why binge+ does not support 4096x 2160 resolution?

Correct but 4096 will upscale the image!
There is lot of misconceptions in this forum regarding the resolutions and frequency, some people blindly support it to ignore the true facts or support their fav dth

Hd channels are broadcasted in 1080i50hz but but if you compare stb output of 1080p vs 4k , there is difference one can notice easily...even though actual resolution is 1080i the box is upscaling it to match the output ( check this difference in binge+ box). In 1080i and 1080p output there is also difference, in moving pictures/motions you will see some horizontal lines while the object is moving in 1080i but the same is smooth in 1080p just check once please if you have binge+ box or tata play hd box or dishtv

Similarly 50hz and 60hz has some visual difference, in 50hz the object movement is not smoother one can easily observe some lag while in 60hz movement is smoother just change resolution try to observe guys

Tataplay hd supports upto 1080i 60hz, but in 1080i 60hz if you see some jumps in the picture or logo..so people use 1080i 50hz..if you argue with tataplay hd users that 1080p is better , they will give bogus explanations to defend

Similarly airtel hd box supports 1080p output but frequency limited to 50hz , due to which object movement not smooth. Again if you argue with airtel users, they will defend by giving illogical explanations...

Change resolution see for yourself before proving me wrong ! 🙏

Only DishTV hd , d2h , airtel xstream and binge+ box supports 1080p 60hz output.

Buddy it depends on ur TV set which format/refresh rate 50 hz or 60hz will give smooth motion in picture. In India 50 Hz is the format followed and all devices r built accustomed to it as we use PAL format for standard broadcast. In America and several European Countries SECAM / NTSC 60 Hz format is followed for broadcast....difference is bcoz of some electricity input/ output differences in various countries.

To be precise if u have a TV set which supports 60 Hz refresh rate then a box supporting this format which will give more smoother motion in picture quality while most Indian TV sets support 50 Hz format thus same option should be chosen on box too as selecting 60 Hz option on box which give jittery / judder effect in picture.

All 60 Hz TV sets support 50 hz format too hence u can choose either but as u know Interlaced/Progressive 50 Hz is best suited for TV sets which do not support 60 Hz refresh rate while 1080 p 60 Hz should be selected for better viewing experience on a TV set which supports both these formats
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