MIB grants 7 MSO licenses in October-November

MIB grants 7 MSO licenses in October-November

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The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) has in the past two months granted around 7 new licenses to Multi-System Operators (MSOs) for a period of 10 years each.

In October, the Ministry granted license to Dnet Entertainment, Sampat Harisingh Digital & Broadband Networks, Global Telecom, and BSL Cable Network,.

In November, the Ministry granted a license to RCN Cable and Broadband Pvt Ltd, City Online and Media Pvt Ltd, and JK Communication and Satellite Network.

The number of registered Multi-System Operator (MSO) as of 1st December 2020 stands at 1702. In September, the Ministry had granted licenses to Vayu Media, Kumar Broadband, Balaji Digicom, Sri Ganesh Digital Network, Home to Vision, Ashish Satellite, and Swastik Network Solution.

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