MIB registered MSOs list at 1616; 116 licenses pending

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The total number of registered Multi System Operators (MSO) in India at the end of 2019 has reached 1616, while 116 MSO licenses are pending according to the database of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB).

MIB registered MSOs list at 1616; 116 licenses pending

8 licenses were granted to M/s Gollaleshwar, M/s Shiv Cable Network, M/s Realtouch Cable & Broadband Pvt. Ltd., M/s Array Access Digital Services Pvt. Ltd., M/s Shiva Sai Laxmi Communications, M/s Blue Star Cable Services, M/s Unify Netsol Pvt. Ltd., and M/s Feroz Digital Networks in December.

The number of MSO applications received by the ministry in December was 22. The total number of MSO applications received from April 2019-November 2019 at the end of November stood at 144. The Ministry approved 12 MSO applications in the month of November. In October 34 MSO applications had been approved.

The number of MSO applications pending with the Ministry at the end of November was 116. The total number of MSO applications pending from April 2019- November 2019 at the end of November stood at 101, up by 2 from 99 at the end of November. The number of MSO license approved since August 2019 has crossed 50 and currently stands at 53.

The Ministry has stopped updating its performance statistic on the grant of new TV licenses. It is also yet to update its Permitted Satellite TV database with many channels announcing launch date indicating that they have received license from the I&B Ministry.

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