MUBI India July 2020 Schedule: Satta Pe Satta, Baazi, Sparsh ad others on MUBI this July

Satta Pe Satta, Baazi, and Sparsh are among the few titles that will be airing on MUBI India come July.

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In July 2020, MUBI India will air movies across multiple regional languages with predominantly Hindi movies on showcase. Satta Pe Satta, Baazi, and Sparsh are among the few titles that will be airing on MUBI India come July.

Beneath is a short description of the main titles followed by a language-wise listing of all the titles airing on MUBI in July 2020.

  • The Inimitable Image: An Amit Dutta Retrospective: On July 18 we start our focus on Amit Dutta with NAINSUKH (2010), and follow with the world premiere of WITTGENSTIEN PLAYS CHESS WITH DUCHAMP OR HOW TO NOT DO PHILOSOPHY (2020) on July 19.
  • Spotlight on Sanal Kumar Sasidharan: This special looks at the work from the significant new Malayalam filmmaker, Sanal Sasidharan. We begin the focus with ORAALPPOKKAM (2014), and will continue through the month with OZHIVUDIVASATHE KALI (AN OFF-DAY GAME) (2015) and S DURGA (2017).
  • KOTHANODI (Bhaskar Hazarika, 2015): This award-winning Assamese language feature film is part of the New Voices special and stars Seema Biswas, Adil Hussain, Zerifa Wahid, Urmila Mahanta, Kopil Bora and Asha Bordoloi. The film is a reimagination of characters and events described in Burhi Aair Sadhu (Grandma’s Tales), a popular compendium of folk stories compiled by Assamese literary giant Lakshminath Bezbaroa. 
  • MEHSAMPUR (Kabir Singh Chowdhary, 2018): Another feature in the New Voices series that is a blend of fiction and reality, investigating the assassination of folk-singers Chamkila and Amarjot.

MUBI India July 2020 Schedule

  • 1 July – Satte Pe Satta
  • 3 July – Woh Chokri
  • 6 July – Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi
  • 7 July – Is Raat Ki Subah Nahin
  • 9 July – Pyaasa
  • 10 July – Baazi
  • 11 July – Mehsampur (Punjabi-Hindi)
  • 14 July – Paying Guest
  • 16 July – Aranyaka
  • 18 July – Nainsukh (Hindi-Pahari)
  • 20 July – Sparsh
  • 23 July – Anarkali
  • 26 July – Chitrashala
  • 27 July – Khoobsurat
  • 30 July – Dattak
  • 31 July – Placebo (Hindi-English)
  • 21 July – Jameela
  • 22 July – Percy
  • 19 July – Wittgenstien Plays Chess with Duchamp or How to Not Do Philosophy
  • 17 July – Kraurya
  • 8 July – Sanabi
  • 2 July – Mahulbanir Sereng
  • 13 July – Damu
  • 15 July – Antarjali Yatra
  • 25 July – Paroma
  • 29 July – Chameli Memsaab
  • 4 July – Kothanodi
  • 5 July – Oraalppokkam
  • 12 July – Ozhivudivasathe Kali (An Off-Day Game)
  • 24 July – S Durga
  • 28 July – Stri

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