News18 Goa, News18 J&K, Issaq and 2 other licenses cancelled by MIB

News18 J&K, News18 Goa, Isaaq, Play My Movie, and Play My Song have been cancelled by the MIB.

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The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) on Tuesday updated its permitted Satellite TV channels database with the cancellation of 5 TV licenses belonging to 2 broadcasters namely Pen Music Private Limited, and TV18 Broadcast Ltd.

The licenses are likely to have been cancelled at some point of time earlier however the database reflects today’s data as it was updated today. News18 J&K, News18 Goa, Isaaq, Play My Movie, and Play My Song have been cancelled by the MIB.

Name of ChannelBroadcasterDate of Cancellation
News18 GoaTV18 Broadcast Limited18/08/2020
News18 J&KTV18 Broadcast Limited18/08/2020
Play My MoviePen Music Private Limited18/08/2020
IsaaqPen Music Private Limited18/08/2020
Play My SongPen Music Private Limited18/08/2020

The licenses were granted to Pen Music Private Limited on 21st October 2019 while Network18’s licenses were granted on 8th April 2016. The cancellation of their licenses reflect that neither Pen Music nor Network18 will be expanding their bouquet offerings anytime soon.

As of this moment, the Ministry’s database reflects 919 permitted TV channels although the same may not be up to date, given the database still isn’t reflecting major updates that are already live.

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