Ortel Communications Q4 FY 20 net loss at Rs 8.51 crores

Ortel Communications

Odisha based cable television and broadband service provider Ortel Communications last week declared the financial results for the quarter ending March 31, 2020. Ortel registered a net loss of Rs 8.51 crores, up from net loss of Rs 6.87 crores in the previous quarter.

Ortel Communications

Results at a Glance

  • Total income at Rs 21.11 crores
  • Total expenses at Rs 29.63 crores
  • Net loss at Rs 8.51 crores
  • Cable TV revenue at Rs 15.65 crores

Ortel’s total income stood at Rs 21.11 crores in Q4 FY 20, down from Rs 22.18 crores in the previous quarter. The total expenses stood at Rs 29.63 crores, up from Rs 29.05 crores in the previous quarter. The net loss took a hit due to increased expenses rising from Rs 6.87 crores to Rs 8.51 crores in Q4 FY 20.

Cable TV revenues stood at Rs 15.65 crores, down from Rs 16.5 crores in Q3 FY 20. The Cable TV revenue on a consolidated basis in FY 20 stood at Rs 87.35 crores, down from Rs 110.56 crores in FY 19.

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