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  1. rikininetysix

    Facebook reveals employees had access to millions of user passwords

    To be honest I just use Facebook for news and fresh memes and every single bit of my profile is filled with fake info and even my name is fake. :ROFLMAO: So I guess in a way I’m protected xD
  2. rikininetysix

    Discussion CN HD+ only available in hindi

    If you are unable to change audio on your cable, then chances are that your service provider has not added that audio feed to the channel. So, at the most you can do now is give them a feedback through e-mail about the same.
  3. rikininetysix

    Discussion CN HD+ only available in hindi

    Go to the Categories option and select Kids then scroll down you can find the Tamil & Telegu options as separate channels.
  4. rikininetysix

    Discussion CN HD+ only available in hindi

    I’m using Tata Sky and it has both English & Hindi audio feed. On Jio Tv they have three audio feeds namely English, Tamil, & Telugu.
  5. rikininetysix

    My Sony Bravia is not working with TataSky

    First using RCA connector cables Switch-On your Tata Sky HD STB and click on Settings or Organiser Button on your remote then go to User Settings > HD Settings then in that change the resolution to 720p and press blue button on your remote to confirm the choice and then press back button to get...
  6. rikininetysix

    Happy Holi to all DDF friends

    Bro, I can relate to you because last time I played Holi was two years ago with my friends. It was pretty bad experience as in the beginning it was just fun and throwing colours in the air and not directly hitting one another with it. But as afternoon progressed it became pretty aggressive and I...
  7. rikininetysix

    Happy Holi to all DDF friends

    Happy Holi Everyone! Have lots of fun:rainbow2::cheers:🥳
  8. rikininetysix

    DDF Exclusive Amazon Fire TV Stick - Discussions, Reviews, Snaps

    Here, check this page for detailed procedure - How To Delete Apps on Firestick or Fire TV Hope it helps :)
  9. rikininetysix

    Want to support our forum? Here's how you can!

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  10. rikininetysix

    DDF Exclusive Low Audio Issue on some channels

    Yes, I observed too for somedays the Hindi audio feed is sounding lower than normal. I guess the problem is from TS side.
  11. rikininetysix

    Discussion Old memories

    I don't exactly know about all the tech details of that time as I was very small xD maybe 1 or 2 years. I just remember my Dad trying to adjust the antenna on roof on a rainy day. It was hella funny for me to watch him struggle like that, and mom was checking whether the Tv received signal or...
  12. rikininetysix

    Discussion Old memories

    Truly those were the best days.. I still remember my Dad getting on the roof to adjust antenna in a rainy day xD The struggle was real:sleepy2:
  13. rikininetysix

    Seeking Help TS HD Upgrade

    I also upgraded my old TS SD box to a HD box almost a month back. As in my case I didn't have to pay technician visit fees, and out of the ₹999 they deducted ₹500 for the HD box and ₹499 for HD access fees which I got refunded after the implementation of TRAI's new tariff. You can check my...
  14. rikininetysix

    LCOs are charging unneccessarily in Kolkata

    For the exact same reason I reactivated my Tata Sky connection. My cable operator was DigiCable and they were also forcing me with 100 FTA at ₹153, plus their service was very bad so I moved back.
  15. rikininetysix

    Discussion Tata Sky DTH User Experiences

    @entertainment_lv Congrats bro welcome to TS family. 😄
  16. rikininetysix

    Seeking Help Tata Sky showing message icon but there is no new message

    Thanks guys I just recharged my account and that fixed the issue 😀
  17. rikininetysix

    Seeking Help Tata Sky showing message icon but there is no new message

    I’m having this issues for a week now, the message icon keeps on displaying even though I don’t have a single new message. Can anyone provide any fix for this. Need help! 😅
  18. rikininetysix

    Breaking News Disney has acquired 21st Century Fox’s film and TV studios in a landmark deal

    Hope your are right bro, cause currently out of all the broadcasters Star is charging the most & they don’t even have genre based packs.
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