Tata Sky delayed installation cashback offer in select cities

Tata Sky delayed installation cashback offer in select cities

Tata Sky Dish

Tata Sky has launched a new promotional scheme in which if any new connection is not installed and activated within 6 hours then that customer will be entitled to receive a Rs. 246 cashback in their account. This offer is valid only in Municipal city of Jammu and Lucknow. 

Tata Sky

To take advantage of this offer eligible customers must order their new connection through authorised local dealer not online. After booking the new Tata Sky connection through the local dealer and making an advance payment, customers will receive a confirmation message within 15 minutes which will contain their new subscriber ID. Then they need to do a recharge using any method (online or offline) for 1 month based on the packs they selected. 

Within 2 hours of that confirmation message, Tata Sky will call the customer and schedule a visit, within 4 hours technicians will arrive at the location and within 6 hours from the confirmation message new Tata Sky will be installed and activated.

If Tata Sky could not install and activate the new account in less than 6 hours then a refund of Rs. 246 will be credited back to the customer’s account within 4 days as a compensation. 

This offer is now live and valid till 31st October. The confirmation message should be generated before 6 pm and recharge must be done before 6.15 pm otherwise this 6 hours rule won’t apply. Customers installing more than 4 connections under one subscriber ID are not eligible for this offer.

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