Tata Sky now charging for packs and channels dropped same day

Tata Sky now charging for packs and channels dropped same day

Tata Sky Dish

Ever since the New Tariff Order came in 2019, there was a loophole in the systems of Tata Sky that allowed users to watch all satellite channels for free if they add and drop them the same day. The DTH operator has a 0-day lock-in period policy which was being misused by many as they used to add channels or packs in the morning and drop them before midnight, paying nothing except NCF.

From 16th October, the company has fixed this, and now it is charging daily burn rate (DBR) even for channels and packs which were dropped the same day instead of refunding its 1-day charge which was happening since the New Tariff Order (NTO) came into effect.

Tata Sky Same Day Drop Charge

Now, if you drop any channel or package same day then DBR for the same will be automatically deducted from your account and a note informing about it will be added in your transaction history. 

Tata Sky customer service said that this change will not affect regular users (who are not misusing the 0-day lock-in-period policy) because if someone adds any channel by mistake and drops it within a few minutes then DBR for that channel won’t be charged.

What is DBR?

DBR stands for daily burn rate. Most of the DTH operators don’t deduct balance all at once, it is deducted on a daily basis, based on your monthly charges. For example, if you are subscribing to any channel or pack at Rs 300/month then your DBR will be Rs 10 and the service will be deactivated when your account balance drops below the DBR amount. 

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The Unhappy Penguin
The Unhappy Penguin
4 months ago

What happens when we add and drop the channel twice on same day?

The Unhappy Penguin
The Unhappy Penguin
Reply to  Abhinav Kumar
4 months ago

I see debited charge on same day is quite excessive. When channel costing ₹22.42 is dropped. User should be charged less than a ₹1. How come users are getting charged upto ₹4? I think That’s Sky is penalizing for same day drop.

Last edited 4 months ago by The Unhappy Penguin
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