TDSAT disposes of VK Digital plea against Zee Entertainment

TDSAT disposes of VK Digital plea against Zee Entertainment

The Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT) has disposed of VK Digital’s broadcasting petition against Zee Entertainment on disconnection of signals marking it as infructuous.

TDSAT disposes of VK Digital plea against Zee Entertainment

The tribunal heard the counsels for both the parties who had appeared on advance notice. VK Digital prayed in the petition to permanently restrain/injunct the broadcaster from running any scroll or on-screen display on the network of the MSO which is receiving signals of Zee’s television channels on the basis of an agreement.

It also prayed for the broadcaster to provide to the MSO relevant information if any on the allegation of unauthorized transmission.

On Zee’s behalf, the tribunal was informed that the broadcaster on receipt of the copy of the petition, stopped running the scrolls or on-screen display. It further submitted that the on-screen display was actually never run by the broadcaster and that it had no intention to run any scrolls or onscreen display except in accordance with law after giving due notice to the petitioner.

The tribunal noted that in view of the aforesaid stand of the broadcaster, the relief sought was VK Digital was already made available to it, and hence the petition was infructuous.

Disposing of the appeal as infructuous, TDSAT Chairperson Mr. Justice Shiva Kirti Singh noted, “It goes without saying that if any action is required by the respondent against the petitioner, it should be in accordance with the law and after meeting the requirements of the Regulations of 2017.”

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