Viacom18’s ‘Pick-A-Trick’, ‘Connected’, and ‘Eco-Lution’ license cancelled by MIB

Viacom18’s ‘Pick-A-Trick’, ‘Connected’, and ‘Eco-Lution’ license cancelled by MIB


The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) today updated its database with the cancellation of 3 satellite TV channel license held by Viacom18. The Ministry has cancelled ‘PICK-A-TRICK’, ‘Connected’, and ‘ECO-LUTION’ license held by Viacom18 bringing down the permitted satellite TV channels count to 902 while increasing the cancelled TV channels count to 337.

Viacom18 has now surrendered 8 satellite TV channel licenses granted to it by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) on 25th March 2019.

Connected, ECO-LUTION, HAWA MAHAL, IMIX, MY TUBE, PICK-A-TRICK, STORY CITY, and TREBLE license were granted by MIB to Viacom18 on 25th March 2019.

MIB had cancelled HAWA MAHAL, IMIX, MY TUBE, STORY CITY, and TREBLE on 2nd June 2020 after Viacom18 surrendered the satellite TV channel licenses.

ChannelCompanyDate of CancellationReason of Cancellation
ConnectedViacom18 Media Private Limited26/02/2021Not Required
Pick-A-TrickViacom18 Media Private Limited26/02/2021Not Required
Eco-LutionViacom18 Media Private Limited26/02/2021Not Required

The surrendering of satellite TV channel licenses indicate that Viacom18 has backed off from potential expansions if any planned.

Viacom18 notably still holds BDM license that was granted by MIB on 25th March 2019. BDM had last year bagged a slot on DD Free Dish as a Bhojpuri Movie channel before exiting in a matter of months. Viacom18 now only has one idle satellite TV channel i.e BDM.

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