Airtel Digital TV activates 2 new Transponders on SES-9 within a month

Airtel Digital TV activates 2 new Transponders on SES-9 within a month

Bharti Telemedia run Airtel Digital has activated 2 new transponders on SES-9 within a gap of around 30 days. Back at the end of May, Airtel had activated a new transponder with a lesser symbol rate. Airtel has now activated another new transponder on SES-9 yesterday as it is seemingly upgrading its channel carrying capacity.

Airtel Digital TV Dish

In May 2020, Airtel activated 12419 V transponder with a symbol rate of 15000 and a FEC modulation rate of 3/4. The new transponder with a lower symbol rate later on June 9 saw an increase in symbol rate from 15000 to 19000. The symbol rate of the new transponder was yet again changed yesterday further increasing it to 22500. The increased symbol rate will allow Airtel to allocate more channels in the transponder.

One more transponder 12341 H has been activated by Airtel yesterday with a high symbol rate of 43700. The transponder is yet to be added in Airtel’s NIT, but is likely to be added soon.

The addition of two new transponders indicates that Airtel is upgrading its channel carrying capacity. The same in turn is likely to lead to new channel additions.

All of Airtel’s new transponders on SES-9 which are currently being used to downlink channels have a high symbol rate except for the 12419 V one. Whether Airtel increases the symbol rate of the said TP remains to be seen. Once the newly added 12341 H transponder is added to Airtel’s NIT, Airtel will have over 20 transponders in active use from SES 7 and SES 9.

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