All Time renamed as ‘Siri Kannada All Time’ and HBN license cancelled by MIB

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The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) has renamed two existing satellite TV licenses along with the cancellation of one satellite TV license which has happened in the recent past. I&B Ministry has also recently changed the company which holds the satellite TV license for Shubh TV.

All Time renamed as 'Siri Kannada All Time' and HBN license cancelled by MIB

The Ministry has renamed the license of MGK Printing Works from ‘All Time’ to ‘Siri Kannada All Time’. The license continues to be held by MGK Printing Works. The Ministry has separately updated the database with the renaming of MGK Printing Works license ‘Blue’ to ‘Dhinchaak’ which is likely to have been processed in May itself.

Both the licenses from MGK Printing Works have seemingly been sub-let by Goldenmen Studios and Goldmines Telefilms respectively while keeping the ownership of the license with MGK Printing.

The Ministry has also cancelled the license of HBN Network Private Limited which earlier operated the shopping channel ‘HBN’. The reason for cancellation has been labelled as ‘not required’ by the Ministry.

Lastly, the database reflects that Pittie Group run Shubh TV whose license was earlier held by Shubh Media has now been taken over IN10 Media. Shubh Media brand is operated by the Pittie Group which is also behind IN10 Media.

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