BOC expenditure on TV hits three-year low

Minister of Information and Broadcasting Prakash Javadekar on Monday in response to an unstarred question in Rajya Sabha upon the total amount of government advertisements provided to newspapers, TV, magazines, and digital media over the past three years, year wise and category laid on the floor of the house the expenditure by the Bureau of Outreach and Communication (BOC) had hit a three year on all fronts including TV.

MIB Dish

The year wise expenditure details revealed that the spends across print, TV, and digital media hit a three year low across all mediums with a stark reduction in government’s advertisement spends.

BOC spent Rs 129.19 crores on print in FY 20, down from Rs 301.03 crores in FY 19 whereas in FY 18 it had spent a whopping Rs 462.22 crores. The expenditure on TV also fell down drastically which came down from Rs 123.11 crores in FY 19 to Rs 25.68 crores in FY 20 whereas in FY 18 the same stood at Rs 109.87 crores.

The expenditure further took another hit on the digital media with FY 20 expenditure at Rs 5.71 crores, down from Rs 26.87 crores in FY 19 whereas in FY 18 the same stood at Rs 13.22 crores.

Digital Media (Internet, SMS)13.2226.875.71
(Expenditure in Rs. Crore)
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