Colors Infinity’s new marketing initiative #BanTheBargain appeals audience to take pledge of not bargaining

The campaign culminates with an appeal to the audience to take pledge of not bargaining.

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CI Cares Colors Infinity

Colors Infinity has launched a new marketing initiative #BanTheBargain hoping to spread awareness on the repercussions of public bargaining practices. The campaign has been woven with a satirical strip of comic strips, goading videos, sarcastic PSA posters, and a thought-provoking conversation with some vendors that are truly affected by bargaining. The campaign culminates with an appeal to the audience to take pledge of not bargaining.

A social media survey conducted by Colors Infinity shows that 60% withnessed a family member or friend bargain almost every time they shop at local vendors while 70% of the people considered it a matter of pride. 8 out of 10 accepted that they would bargain with street vendors but wouldn’t even consider doing the same at stores in a shopping mall. 70% of the people wouldn’t even hesitate to ask for free veggies while shopping at the vendor.

The pandemic has hit the economy badly and while the street vendors are getting back on the track in their lives the prevent social-evil of ‘bargaining’ has been lurking over their shoulders. The same can impact their livelihood greatly while bargaining will only save a little for us.

“Customers bargaining with street vendors is a not a new phenomenon, but the effects of bargaining are more severe now due to the pandemic. Understanding the plight of our local vendors and avoiding bargaining for a small sum will go a long way in helping them stay in business and sustain livelihood for their families. Through #BanTheBargain, we’re trying to reach out to the general populace, and in a light-hearted manner communicate the message.”

Navin Shenoy – Head of Marketing, Youth, Music and English Entertainment, Viacom18

Navin further added, “Our team has taken the pledge to not bargain with street vendors, we hope others will realize the importance of supporting our campaign and follow suit.”

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