Aamir's no competition to Big B


27 Jun 2011
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Aamir Khan Productions' ‘Delhi Belly’ and AB Corp’s ‘Bbuddah - Hoga Terra Baap’ are slated to release on the same date- July 1. Interestingly, both Aamir and Big B share the same opinion about the fate of their films and the obvious competition amongst them.

When probed about his take on Big B's to claim that Aamir Khan Productions banner is a bigger brand than AB Corp, Aamir immediately reverts, “Mr. Bachchan is being generous to say so. I’m his huge fan and he is way much bigger as an actor and a brand as compared to me.”

“As far as competition between the two films is concerned, I think every film has its share of space in the minds of the audience. I don’t sense any competition with Big B. In fact, I feel I’m not capable enough to compete with him in the first place. And I wish ‘Bbuddah - Hoga Terra Baap’ to do 10 times better business than ‘Delhi Belly’,” adds Aamir. Big B had posted something similar on his blog, which goes like this- “We make films in this very homogenous industry, not to compete or destroy or wage war with our compatriots… Aamir and his production company are much bigger than me and my AB Corp in commercial standing (sic).”
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