Airtel xstream HDR not working properly with 4k HDR tv?

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6 Mar 2014
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So i got a new 4k tv (lg 43up 7720) last week replacing my old hd ready tv. When i connect my airtel xstream stb to tv it shows HDR unavailable in the HDMI info in the airtel diagnostics info screen. Tv supports 4k HDR and the same is also enabled on the tv by selecting 'HDMI ULTRA DEEP COLOR' to 4K. I have restartred the box and also did a factory reset too still it doesnt work. i have tested HDR with the tv's native apps and also through Amazon firestick and its working perfectly on both. Its only the airtel xstream box which is causing the issue? can anyone help me shed some light on what is causing this issue?
Airtel STB doesn't support HDR they disabled it sometime ago due to issues.
It seems Tata sky binge plus also disconnecting slowly. Hotstar not working.
If you want good OTT experience then buy Firestick or Realme Smart Stick.

Hybrid boxes like Xstream and Binge plus products are half baked products. Sometimes HDR works and sometimes it doesn't. If one app supports Dolby Audio then other app doesn't
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