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28 Apr 2018
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This thread would be used for discussion related to international kids channels /pre teen- young kids - new Animated content (cartoons / kids anime ) , shows , movies & kids live action shows updates of kids channel in international kids/ cartoon channels . people here would like to know about what different animation shows are shown in international kids channel example in CN Apac , CN japan , disney US , Disney uk , pop kids , cartoonito , spacetoons, nick us , nick intl channel ., bbc kids , nick jr , Disney jr , kids station , tele toon , pbs kids etc (there are more kids channels have only cited some for examples)
if know what new animation shows are showed in international kids channel, it'll also help to demand the same from broadcasters at least to some extent

here we would only discuss regarding the airing of kids shows in international kids tv channels.

though there is another thread regarding international series it was only focused on series /shows it was never really posted to new kids shows / or solely used for animation shows updates.

Jellystone - new animated series (of hbo max) started airing on Jan 22nd , weekends on Cartoon Network Asia 6 pm ( SG/MY/PH/TW) , 5pm (TH/ID) new style animated series of yogi bear and other Hanna Barbara


Haikyu !! season 2 , double episodes on Animax Asia- tv channel - (considering its sports anime focusing on shonen genre and has only appropriate scenes - that's why - have posted it the thread and they focus on kids- youth

new shows or new episodes of animated shows in Cartoon network Asia


The faraway paladin - preteen - anime/animated series would premiere on 7th February on Animax Asia


Top 5 - nick & TIME 's kid of the Year 2022 - honoree's - they'll announce the winners on Wednesday , just saw post today . it is 2nd annual kid of the year award. they should do similar in other countries as well (including India )

third post is not directly kids show but as nick kid of the year its definitely more inspirational for kids .
why are they mentioning naruto as retro hit was only made in 2002 . it only premiered in india in 2008 and in mid 200s in usa too in cartoon network.
Animax asia does censor the both series i guess its does comes under preteen anime series, latter show - thanks to animax edit/censoring otherwise wouldn't be even be aired due to more excessive fight animation.

I get most of my children show news from Kidscreen and Cartoon Brew as well ANN.
yep they are indeed god sources of for animation related news kidsscreen , cartoon brew and anime in ann . they do mention bout shows airing but they dont tell about regular show timings on regular basis only once in a wehile when they air it first time or latest series then start mentioning about other animated shows development , movies. even ann dont regularly tell about which channel would air show these anime series only about anime episode detail.

i checked the above mentioned animation news sites even animation magazine , awn, india's own animation xe ( they mostly show syndicated animation news sadly other tv news channels only mention about show's only when its sponsored article or when channel is promoting show extensively they rarely mention about other periodic updates . it is one of the reason why fan-made social media pages are more active about informing about new shows addition or airing timings on their posts compared to these sites . they dont share regular broadcasting rights of animation shows of anime or animation of kids channels .


Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in The Multiverse - Animated movie would premiere on Cartoon Network USA on 28th May , 24th may on digital later premiere after 4 days on cartoon network.
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Still, most of the new animation premieres debut in specialty services now. Most new anime in south america (where I live) premiere mostly on Anime Onegai and FunimationNOW. Same with cartoons, all of them direct-to-web on Paramount+ and HBO Max.
Still, most of the new animation premieres debut in specialty services now. Most new anime in south america (where I live) premiere mostly on Anime Onegai and FunimationNOW. Same with cartoons, all of them direct-to-web on Paramount+ and HBO Max.
.i got to know Animax latin america was shut down in 2011 or 2012 , did animax used to air any new shows that time after few months - in spanish/portuguese or english dub . Animax asia used to air anime shows or new shows after few months. here in india it did showed same day as japan till 2017 later shut down . in america swim or toonami in cartoon network in night airs new anime shows on regular basis till now.
Yes, until its last months they premiered just one anime a month and then it was playlisted until it became Sony Spin. Toonami is as well playlisted and now just shows Mob Psycho 100. Adult Swim is now being prepped to debut as an online service on HBO Max.
Overall, anime is not available in most South american households. The only two specialty channels left are ETC and Bitme.
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