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Aparajita Apu | Zee Bangla | Starts 30 November


4 Sep 2020
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Show - Aparajita Apu
Promo - This is the second promo. The lead girl (Apu) is at her sister's in-law's home for a visit, and there, she sits down at the dining table with the male members of the family to have breakfast quickly, as she has to go for an interview of government job. When her sister's mother-in-law stops her from having the breakfast, the decent younger brother of her sister's husband asks her to let Apu have breakfast, as family rules are not meant to be obeyed by visitors. Then, she is allowed to have it, and she is grateful to the guy for his hospitality.
Starting Date - 30th November (Monday), Mon-Sat at 8.30 PM on Zee Bangla.
Channel - Zee Bangla
Promo given on Zee Bangla YouTube Channel on 16 November 2020.
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