Harano Sur | Sun Bangla | Starts 7 December


4 Sep 2020
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Show - Harano Sur
Promo - A famous singer is surrounded by his crowd of cheering fans, and then a sweet girl asks him for an autograph. He asks her which song of his is her favourite, to which she points to an old lady on wheelchair and says that "She is your fan, not me." Then she departs. Then a time leap is shown, now the singer and the girl are married to each other. As the boy is practicing singing and chorus with his father, his mother says to the girl (now his wife) that the engagement of the dad-son duo keeps going throughout like this. All of a sudden, the singer coughs, and his wife continues the chore he was doing, as she also loves singing. The singer is disappointed, however. Then, she confronts him about the matter, and he says that he never wanted that his wife would sing. The girl is in grief, says in her mind, "But, music is my pursuit, my dedication."
Starting Date - 7th December (Monday), Everyday at 9 PM on Sun Bangla.
Channel - Sun Bangla
Promo given on Sun Bangla YouTube Channel on 21 November 2020.
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