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Agreed bro
I left watching after 3 4 episodes only.

24×7 live was actually digging their own pit. Hotstar doesn't do that because they have brains.
(Same I feel with live channels not being on hotstar for sake of trp.)

Now one by one they will bring challengers, seniors,
..all that nonsense tricks to bring trp.
Hotstar doing the same for Bigg Boss Ultimate (Tamil)
So finally teja without bheja wins bigg boss 15 trophy. very disappointed she don't deserve to be not even top 2.
its rigged, as she is d face of naagin 6 as well...
moreover, some regional bias is also there.. if u know what I mean !!

Colors lost IGT to Sony, soon they ll loose BB to another channel. :damn:

totally stupid decision !! :explode:
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