Bindass banks on music events to connect with youth


8 Jun 2011
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There is nothing new about the innate connection between music and youth. The youth TG has consistently defined the next wave of music. Keith Alphonso, Business Head, UTV Bindass reiterated this fact, and elaborated UTV Bindass’ efforts to pay more attention to the music route for upping its offer to the youth TG. One step for the channel to pursue this course has come in the form of on-ground events.

Giving a background, Keith pointed out that while channels such as UTV Bindass have seen an increase in the scope of music intake, music preferences have evolved further and Bindass was looking for events that could bring this specialised form of music, which is also uncommon in a manner of speaking, to its audience.

He explained, “Once it was cool to listen to English and then Bollywood ruled the roost for the last eight years. Within the Bollywood scope, remixes came up as a new genre. But as the youth kept discovering the sound that was important to them at an individual level, the music pie moved further and today Bollywood became smaller, and the new genre of music such as Electronica and new sounds from fusion and pop music started becoming important.”

As the young audiences looked for more individualised music, UTV Bindass, in a structured manner, placed a filter of “bindassness” to its music offer. Keith said, “Even when we play plain vanilla, we will add some value to it, so there is a clear differentiation, when you come to Bindass.”

The channel has taken various steps in this direction including Bollyrockers, UTV Bindass jukebox on Facebook, Bindass Rapp Attack and even a content tie up with a leading music label in which Bindass is going to create and celebrate Bindass rockstars in various music spaces, and then take these six people across the country.
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