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Binge Plus Set Top Box Advantages over other Smart STBs and HD STBs


4 Jul 2021
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Can watch TV Channels through internet when signal disruption due to Rain.

Recording upto 25 hours free

With free recording

1. Running Programmes or Movies can be restarted and watched from beginning of the movie or programme

2. One TV Channel Programme can be recorded and another channel Programme can be viewed simultaneously

3. Recording will be stored in Tatasky servers and no need to keep STB switched ON while recording. Recording can be scheduled.
Pen drive / SD card not required for recording and restart

4. Already ended Programmes / Movies can also be recorded, in some channels, for the same day
Popular channels and programmes/movies support this except SUN channels

5. Recording will be saved for 3 months. Auto erase of oldest record if full

6. Recording / Restart will be in HD Channel only if there is one. Exception Colors Tamil SD
Also few channels not support recording and restart eg: Zee thirai and Vijay super. Some programmes only restart option. Some only record option.
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