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17 Oct 2017
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Hello everyone!!

I am very happy to share that I have successfully completed 5 glorious years in DDF :cheers:.

At first, I joined this forum to get updates regarding upcoming channels and TV shows. I was a regular visitor but then I wasn't posting messages. I started posting messages in 2018 and also I remember getting banned for a short period for asking the same question again and again:blush2:. And after that I made sure that'll never happen again. Till 2020, I was posting messages here and there but then I was a regular visitor. It was during the lockdown period in 2020, where I started to actively participate in discussions and also started updating with new news related to TV shows and channels. From then on I was an active member in this forum.

I was promoted as the Contributor on 17th August 2021 (my joining date and the date of getting promoted is same) and was also given the Television Genius tag in July this year to which I'm very thankful to the DDF team. I would like to thank our community managers and moderators especially @Bapun Raz bro and @Abhinav bro and mainly all our forum members (there are many I can't name/tag them all):love:.

Once again thank you so much everyone and I'll sure I'll be a better Contributor in future and give updates in the forum.

Thank you!!🙏
Congratulations, Sushruth anna. From being a member of only the Kannada discussion threads you have done a fantastic job in contributing to so many others. Plus I love a graphics and design nerd who is as passionate about on-air design as me (also tagging @Mylanji dada and @Shantanu bhau here) and you deserve to be a Television Expert. Here’s to many more happy years at DDF! :smile2:
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And also not to forget, I have gained a lot of knowledge from this forum regarding many things. Mainly, I wasn't that much aware about Hindi movies satellite rights but then @ak7777 bro, @JollyLNB bro, @dino29 bro and @Deep Mody bro have helped to gain knowledge in this matter with their valuable knowledge and posts. Thank you bros!!
Congratulations bro!! Many more wonderful years to come.

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