Good News Completed 6 glorious years in DDF


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5 Oct 2014
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It was on 2 April 2017, which coincidentally was also a Sunday like yesterday, that I wrote an email to our dear admin @Bapun Raz, asking him to unban my account which was previously banned soon after I first joined in 2014.

Six years later, I am proud to be a distinguished member of the DDF and OTF community, and also a news writer for DreamDTH, with my analysis and explanations. And none of this would have been possible without the support of one and all of you. Thank you, thank you everyone! :clap2: :cheers:
Congratulations Dada...keep share your knowledge 👍

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Heartiest congratulations @JollyLNB bro :clap2:
You are one of the finest member in DDF as well as OTF. As a News Columnist, the way you put up words to draft articles is one of the best thing and your articles are surely of immense importance to DDF. Also, you are one of the member who remembers special occasions of DDF and its members be it past or present. Many more years to go!:tup:
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