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DDF Exclusive D2h publishes list of broadcaster bouquets


Dream Shine
20 Mar 2013
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List removed from the website. Even in dish TV website too.

Abhishek Sukumar

12 Mar 2017
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d2h not offering HD bouquets of major broadcasters.Star India completely missing.👀
D2H couldn't offer Sony HD bouquets because all the Sony HD bouquets have at least one channel that D2H doesn't have currently like Sony BBC Earth HD/Sony Ten 3 HD/Sony ESPN HD. According to regulations, Distributors like D2H cannot make changes/updates to broadcaster packs.

So How can D2H offer Sony HD bouquets?

1. If Sony makes more smaller Bouquets with only channels that are offered by d2h

2. D2h starts offering at least some of the channels, that are not in its service as if now.

As for the missing Star packs, I believing there are ongoing disputes between Star and distributors like D2h/Sun direct along similar lines.

Bottomline, broadcasters are making huge bouquets with too many channels in order force distributors and eventually the viewers to pay for maximum number of channels. They are pricing individual channels heavily in hopes viewers picking up packs that are priced relatively lower. Precisely why TRAI set a max of 15% off on boutiques versus the sum of the price of all the channels offered under the boutique. Unfortunately this suggestion was overruled by the Madras High Court.

For example if a Star HD bouquet with 12 channels today costs 100Rs, but if you pick 6 of the channels in the bouquet as a-le-carte you might probably be paying over the total of 100Rs and if your want all the channels as a-le-carte it would be 190Rs. Under the Trai's original order, Star might have been forced to price the individual channels more nominally because if they priced it the same way as they've done now, their bouquet would also be extremely high priced at approx. 160Rs, making it unreachable to most viewers.
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Dream Expert
7 May 2016
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@Abhishek Sukumar bro You are right on the point.Agree each and every line of you.To add I think they will reduce the price of the missing channels in the bouquet and provide them in both Dishtv and D2h.
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