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Discussion Did you benefited from TRAI's new tariff order?

Did you benefit from TRAI's new tariff order?

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3 Feb 2017
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Price wise, It didn't benefit me. I was enjoying almost all the channels for Rs 299 in Celebration Pack of d2h and even got 6+6 HD Add on, which provided 6 months free HD channels on subscribing for 6 months. There were various other top class pack which were beneficial for even customers who watch less number ofchannels.

IMO, d2h users (even other DTH might have) might remember the flexi pack for Rs 99 which provided most of the FTA channels, In present we have to give Rs 153.

Now, I have only subscribed Asianet HD and disney kids bouquet. If I want those all channels which I was enjoying for Rs 299 earlier then I must pay more than Rs 600.

Finally, This thing was beneficial for the transition from DTH to OTT (Not completely).
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