Direc TV to acquire Hulu.com


7 Apr 2011
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As reported by Rapid TV, DirecTV is trying to purchase Hulu.com, joining the ranks of other top names including Apple, AT&T and Amazon that are thinking over the acquisition of the online TV site.

The satellite TV provider resulted a 29% surge in profit for the second quarter year-on-year, reaching $701 million, on the back of 30+ million subscribers.

DirecTV CEO, Mike White, suggested that the company is looking at Hulu as he said that, they want to make it sure that they can make DirecTV available any time and any where our customers want it.

The thought of buying Hulu can get instigated by the recent development at the rival satellite provider DISH Network which has confirmed that it will leverage its Blockbuster acquisition to roll out an online streaming service of its own.

The company added 472,000 subscribers in Latin America, reflecting 14% growth over the second quarter of 2010, ending the period with 10.29 million customers. It didn't fare as well on its home turn; it only added 26,000 customers in the US to 19.43 million total in the geo, a quarter of what it added in the year-ago quarter. Worse, churn grew from 1.51% to 1.59%.

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