Discovery HD WORLD might be removed from tata sky hd


29 May 2011
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Tata Sky has removed name of discovery hd world from advertisement

press genuine hd tab after entering the link
Well in tata sky hd it is still coming and it is a popular hd channel in india they will not remove it.
u nevr know dear admin, i am getting a thought that they will add espn hd instead of it and dicovery hd is not a popular channel,it has bogus programming
As far as I am concerned...i would be happy if they remove any 1 between NGC or Discovery as i dont watch those channels at all and if they replace it with other channel like ESPN HD or Movies Now HD.. i would welcome it...its my opinion
It would be better if they remove Star Cricket HD . Its of no use now. Even if they telecast Star Cricket HD and Neo Sports HD as event based, won't be any concern.
yes cricket channels should be added only on event basis. lets all write a mail to tata sky and tweet them to remove star cricket hd and discovery hd and instead add espn hd and movies now hd.

also lets write to them to remove discovery turbo, mgm and tcm and instead add nat geo adventure, big cbs spark and movies now downscaled version
yes they may remove but it is still in the website.

Check this snap too-

Off topic-
This thread is now copied to another forum but they have given credit only to dino not to the forum where it is posted.Anyways some improve type copy pasting.LoL.
now they are proving that they also copy other forums :rofl
mr vasudeva gave credit to me in that forum, but ya it is true that he wrote the credit sentence in smallest font
yes dino that's the thing.he fear to give credit its proved and he is coping thing but still telling bad thing from which foru he copied it is the bad.
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