Discovery teams up with Steven Spielberg for 9/11 special


7 Apr 2011
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On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of 9/11, filmmaker Steven Spielberg, DreamWorks Television and US broadcaster Discovery have teamed up for the special Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero.

The six hour special commences airing on 25 August in the US. It showcases the men and women determined to rebuild and restore a sacred site, constructing the new, 104-story One World Trade Center.

Science Channel GM Debbie Myers said, "Discovery Channel is proud to be sharing this important story and transitional moment in the history of our country. With incredible access and deft storytelling, Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero captures a city and a country moving forward but never forgetting. September 11th is something we all share and Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero will be a touchstone for audiences to remember, reflect and look forward".
Coinciding with the 10 anniversary of 9/11, the special celebrates the grit, the drive and the audacious imagination of a wide array of builder, planner and dreamers bonded in grief but united in purpose. From the iron workers who lost brothers and friends to the architect envisions a new dawn for New York City to the family members who seek closure and solace, the special assembles a cast of real people facing the highest stakes in their professional lives - to meet their construction deadline and to do honor to the victims and their families.The special takes a look at one of the most daunting construction jobs America has ever undertaken. Building four skyscrapers, a transportation hub, a museum and a memorial featuring the largest man-made waterfall in history - at the same time on the same site - presents an unprecedented set of engineering challenges.

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