dth current choices and troubles current and ahead


29 May 2011
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humax stb r best , solid and has great operability.i nevr take huawei stb's , they r cheap , waste stb's and is so light bcoz of low quality chips, all dth operators have started huawei stb's just to lowe stb acquisation cost.my advice to all users would b to always opt first for humax stb, if not available then take kaon media, if that is also not there then thomson and last option should b huawei

in airtel best stb r homecast, secong thomson, third kaonmedia and last huawei

my o my these airtel huawei stb's r worse than transisitors, its so light as if there is nothing inside, i have homecast stb which i got in 2009, it is so strong, now a days to lower losses companies have started to get low quality stb's as they r cheap to lower customer acquiring cost.
also to save bandwidth operators have started over burdening transponders, squeezing max channels in one transponder. revenues r low in dth, many companies r still not able to recover costs they have invested since so many years. problem of revenues very low and charges high is root cause of it
now with hd channels coming up, further space issues r causing space troubles as each hd channels takes space equal to 4 standard channels


29 May 2011
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if dth is to b one of great quality then this super congested pricing ceiling needs to b broken soon or broadcasters have to lower subscription fee so that dth oper

Bapun Raz

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3 Nov 2010
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well dear just see tata sky's picture and sound quality is really awesome and they are charging a lot for this where dish tv has also a bit poor but their service charges are low.

But adtv is totally good and their charges are also low.

So your wish where to go with.
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