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Airtel Digital Tv & Tata Sky comparison

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21 Apr 2015
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Hi, frndz recently I have purchased Tata Sky HD(Technicolor) stb with that I am also using Airtel HD+(Huawei) since 3 years or so. So here is my comparison & I will try to be unbiased-
1)The Dish Antina= Tata Sky has a much bigger dish compared to airtel. It decreases the chances of losing signals even when it rains hard whereas Airtel loses signals in light shower. Also the signal quality remains full most of time in Tata compared to airtel's 60 to 75% quality.
2)The Set Top Box(STB)=Airtel's Huawei Stb is small, slick with good black finish. Leds also very user friendly and dont disturb us during night unlike the new Hero Stb. Tata sky stb also very good looking and even smaller the airtel stb with a shiney cover. The leds also dont cause any inconvanience.
3)Remote=Both dths provide universal remote but Airtel has an upper hand here as we can control our Tv's power & source function without pressing any Univ button like TS. The remote looks smart and thin unlike TS remote.
4)PQ=In terms of HD quality both are ditto same. I will give them 9.5(Only Reliance scores 10). But when it comes to SD quality Tata is the clear winner(9.5) as now a days Airtel is compressing .so much in space crunch but still scoring around 8.5 to 9 depending on channels. But once they get the new Tps they will surely improve there SD pq.
5)AQ=Airtel might have reduced their pq(SD) but their aq is still by far the best(10 on 10). On the other hand Tata Sky is incosistant as some channels sound too loud & some too low(7.5-8).
6)Packaging=Airtel is cheap than TS only by just but Airtel provides all HD chnls at 225 where Tata sky has HD access fee of rs 175.
7)Recharge options & hidden charges=Airtel has minimum amt of rs. 150 to resume service and also late payment fees of rs. 15. There is daily recharge facility in TS.
8)Customer Service=TS has an excellent Cc and friendly service. Their excecutives are also polite Whereas Airtel's Cc is rediculous & their Service centre owner once even threatened me.
9)Logo=There is absolutely no compitition between Tata Sky logo(best) ADTV logo(Probably the worst) as of now.


29 May 2015
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AxOm said:
U.. Should compare after the launch SES 9

aren't we allowed to compare now? if so why?

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