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Exclusive report:How Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra.One Will Recover Rs. 150 Crore

Ravi budhwar

21 Apr 2011
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There have been whispers in trade circles that Shah Rukh Khan’s reckless spending on Ra.One may cost him dear. Although nobody knows for sure what the budget of the costliest Hindi film actually is, it is estimated that the superstar-producer may have spent around Rs. 125 crore to make the film. If one were to add another Rs. 25 crore as cost of promotion and release, the total investment in the computer graphics-heavy Ra.One would be Rs. 150 crore. Shah Rukh plans to convert the film into 3D.

However, the position is not as grim as is being made out to be by the industry people. Rather, there’s every chance that Ra.One will cover its huge cost and, in fact, fetch profits. Here’s how:
Ra.One: Projected Overseas Business – Rs. 45 crore

Shah Rukh Khan is the badshah among Bollywood actors in the Overseas circuit. At least ten of his starrers figure in the Top 20 list of Bollywood films in the US and the UK. His last release, My Name Is Khan, crossed the Rs. 35 crore-mark abroad. Given the fact that it would be almost after two years that a Shah Rukh film would be releasing, one can safely estimate the business of Ra.One to increase by 20% over that of MNIK. Besides, Ra.One is being dubbed in German and given King Khan’s supreme popularity in Germany, one can safely add another couple of crore rupees to the Overseas business of Ra.One from the German version. Therefore, a figure of Rs. 45 crore seems achievable for Ra.One. We are talking of distributor’s share here, not net collection.
How Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra.One Will Recover Its Rs. 150 Crore

The five-day net collection of Ra.One could go up to Rs. 100 or even 110 crore!
Ra.One: Satellite Rights – Rs. 30 crore

It is rumoured that Shah Rukh Khan will be richer by Rs. 30 crore when his deal for satellite rights of Ra.One goes through.
Ra.One: Music Rights – Rs. 7 crore

King Khan couldn’t have settled for anything less than Rs.7 crore for the audio rights of his super-hero extravaganza. The figure may be higher than this, but not lower, for sure.
Ra.One: Tamil & Telugu Dubbed Versions’ Business – Rs. 1 crore

In the worst case scenario, the 3D and 2D versions of the Tamil and Telugu dubbed versions of Ra.One can be expected to yield a combined share of Rs. 1 crore.
Ra.One: India Theatrical Business – Rs. 80 crore

Since Ra.One will come on the festive occasion of Diwali and will be released on a Wednesday (October 26), the five-day weekend (Oct. 26-30) can be safely expected to be bountiful. On a conservative estimate, the film could net Rs. 90 crore in the five-day weekend. For a net of Rs. 90 crore, the distributor’s share would easily amount to Rs. 50 crore. So, this would likely be the share for the first five-day weekend. Add a share of at least Rs. 8 crore for the balance four days and you have Rs. 58 crore at the end of the first week itself. Fetching another Rs. 12 crore in the subsequent weeks should not be a problem for the film. Of course, the five-day net collection of Rs. 90 crore is only an estimation. This figure could go up to Rs. 100 or even 110 crore. In that case, the first weekend’s share could go up to Rs. 55 or even 58 crore! If that were to happen, the first week’s India share alone could be Rs. 70 crore.

More: Can Ra.One Break Bodyguard’s Record?
So, what does the total business figure come to?

Overseas : Rs. 45 crore

Satellite : Rs. 30 crore

Music : Rs. 7 crore

Tamil/Telugu : Rs. 1 crore

India : Rs. 80 crore

Total : Rs. 163 crore

The calculations and estimations reveal that Ra.One may, after all, not be the risky proposal it is assumed to be by the trade people. Only if, God forbid, the film doesn’t find acceptance will recovery of the unduly high cost of the film be an impossibility for producer Shah Rukh Khan.

Otherwise, SRK doesn’t need to really worry.
whats your view

if you like it please reply and whats your view for this film
tried best for this report


4 Oct 2011
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I would like to ask one question here. Do anyone feel that SRK and kareena can work and make better film than Rajni & Aish ??

for me its no. So a big NO to watch Ra-One !!!

Bapun Raz

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3 Nov 2010
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Movie industry witnesses new marketing trend with RAOne​

In recent times, the three Khans of Bollywood have perfected their marketing skills to such an extent that they can give any marketing guru a run for his money. As if taking a cue from them, stars - be it big or small - are involved in marketing and promoting their films across various mediums. Marketing one’s film and making sure the viewers are well aware of the movie –its content, music, and release date etc way before its release has become so pivotal that films that are not promoted heavily vanish away in thin air as soon as they are released.

Shah Rukh Khan is no novice to this and has always been considered a savvy marketer of his films, himself, his cricket team or his business. He can be considered to be pioneer in this field of movie promotion.

This time around, he is leaving no stones unturned and associating himself with all the possible brands for his home production Ra.One -short for Random Access version 1.0.

Co-produced by SRK’s home production Red Chillies Entertainment at a whooping budget of Rs 160 crore, Ra.One is considered to be the most expensive Bollywood film ever made only after Rajnikanth's Robot and the way ShahRukh is promoting it, it could end up becoming the most advertised film as well.

SRK kicked off the promotions of Ra.One in January this year almost 7 months prior to the film's release in October, when he unveiled the first look on his Twitter page. The star followed this up with a 10-second trailer during the World Cup semi-final match between India and Australia. This helped keep the buzz alive and fans of the star waited for its next glimpse with bated breath.
There are several firsts in the promotion of this SRK film. For instance, there will be a 3,600-feet long fan mail, collecting audience wishes and messages, as he travels to 36 cities across the world to promote Ra.One.

Since King Khan believes in being the pioneer in everything he does, the telecast rights of the star studded music launch of Ra.One was reportedly sold for Rs 10 crore to Star Networks and it was aired the very day of the launch.

SRK himself endorses more than a dozen brands and with this much awaited movie, SRK’s magnum opus set to hit the marquee soon, more and more brands are trying to milk in the opportunity. Even brands that SRK does not endorse are associating with Ra.One. One such is Western Union, a leader in global payment services, which will soon launch a million-dollar global mass-media campaign in association with Ra.One. Reason: To connect with millions of Indians working abroad. It encompasses TV, radio, print and outdoor advertising as well as local activities at Western Union's agent locations. It's a win-win deal for both as both Ra.One and Western Union will get mileage.

Another interesting thing, never done before by a Bollywood film, is the association with Google's YouTube. Google-YouTube has launched a custom built movie channel for Ra.One, which will host promotional video content and special extras for Ra.One premiere and red carpet events planned in London. Every YouTube video in India will attached with a short RAOne clip at the end such that every time a video is viewed on YouTube, the a small part of RAOne will be viewed and promoted uniquely.

Shah Rukh also made sure he made appearances in almost reality shows such as Just Dance, SaReGaMaPa Li’l Champs and the likes just to promote his movies. In a very clever move, the namesake of the movie, the villain RAOne that is Arjun Rampal’s look in the movies has been closely guarded and fans will have to throng the theatres to get to see the look.

Recently, Shah Rukh Khan also became the first Indian celebrity to be on the Google+ platform and engage his fans.

Leveraging the movie's hi-end graphics and special effects, SRK has also launched games, digital comics and unique contests where participants get a chance to create Ra.One promos from clips, music and dialogues of the film. These will be provided in an easy to use interface and the participants will compete for the most views to get a chance to meet the star himself.
It is understood that SRK is also planning tie-ups with several Formula One teams to sport Ra.One logos at the upcoming Noida Grand Prix, as well as with McDonalds for toys.

All brands - be it luxury or small - want to piggy back on SRK's popularity. Luxury bike Ducati, apparel brand Tommy Hilfiger, Videocon, Tag Heuer, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc and Volkswagen AG, among others, have already signed up for Ra.One and several others are in talks.

The satellite rights have reportedly been sold for Rs 35 crore. Distribution rights, which are with Eros International, are said to have been sold for Rs 77 crore. The Ra.One game has been sold to an electronics giant for Rs 5 crore. The music rights of the film has been sold to T-Series who vouch for the salability of RAOne’s music since not only has SRK movies been associated with great music but the RAOne’s album boasts of songs by international pop star Akon.

The total marketing budget for the film is said to be in the range of Rs 40 crore, which includes Rs 15 crore for online promotions. Rs 14 crore has reportedly been earmarked for promotion on news channels a fortnight before release.

Print ads have been booked in all leading publications, while 1,700 billboards will show SRK in his superhero gear - the role he plays in the movie.

The promotion of this film is similar to the way Hollywood producers promote their films. Most Bollywood films with big stars typically start their marketing around eight weeks before release. But SRK has taken marketing to a whole new level with this film.
Loads of money is riding on Ra.One and SRK has already put a lot on stake. But given the way SRK is going about the marketing and promotions it seems he has considerably reduced his dependence on box office revenues for this film. It's understood from industry sources that almost 80 per cent of the cost will be recovered from the pre-licensed content - distributed across platforms such as cable, digital, home theatre, etc - before the film hits the theatre.

But for all Bollywood films, the box office definitely matters too. And the way Ra.One is being promoted looks like SRK's aim is to de-risk by creating curiosity and getting audiences to advance book tickets of the film, which is due to release during the Diwali weekend.

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