Five Bollywood disasters of 2010


22 Mar 2011
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The year 2010 was a year of mixed returns for Bollywood as we've seen both hits as well as flops throughout the year. But the year is noted for the number of big-banner movies that proved to be unexpected croppers at the box office. Many Bollywood's top film-makers, who are known for their quality film-making, failed to deliver. Here we've some of the biggest disappointments of 2010 that made it hard for the viewers to hold on to their seats for the entire duration.

1. Raavan


To blame it hard, it's the loose script that cost the film most. There were many disjointed scenes that made the viewers feel confused. Now come to junior Bacchan. Raavan is Abhishek Bacchan's third film with Mani Ratnam. After Yuva and Guru, expectations were sky-high from Abhishek Bachchan, but his performance turned out to be just another add-on to the film's failure. Although the idea behind the film was an interesting one, Mani Ratnam's effort didn't click this time and Raavan tanked at the box office. The only good thing about the film was that it was visually stunning. Music tracks by the A.R.Rahman were also quite pleasant to the ear. The budget of Raavan was 100 crore, but the gross revenue was just 29.50 crore. How sad!

2. Teen Patti


Just another disaster, proving that big celebrities don't necessarily mean good movies. According to analysts, Teen Patti, directed by Leena Yadav, was an example of how badly a film can be scripted. The plot is full of holes, demanding constant leaps of logic. Why did a self- respecting professor like Subramanian aka Amitabh Bachan allow himself to be led into illegal gambling? No answer. The film was supposed to be wrapped up in a 12 crores, but soared upto 25 crores, and doing nothing

3. Kites


Well, with a budget of 60 crores and gross revenue of 65 crores, this product from the Roshans did manage to recover its costs, but the film was rejected in India. Kites may have been raved in the west, but with most of the dialogues being in English and Spanish; it alienates a large section of the Indian audience. While critics had an issue with the story, the masses did not take kindly to the sub-titles being used in Hindi. The boring second half also contributes to its collapse.

4. Action Replay


The film did promise a rollicking good time, but delivered simply the opposite. The unimpressive script and story line lead to its fiasco. Based on the era of the golden 70's, the film stirred a lot of expectations from the trio of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Akshay Kumar and Vipul Shah, but still it bombed heavily at the box office. Action Replay's budget exceeded 40 crore and made just 22.50 crore. Action Replay in drama and humor.

5. Guzaarish


Despite the positive reviews, this Hrithik-Ash pairing failed at the box office. The film finding its base on a very sensitive issue like euthanasia couldn't appeal to larger masses of the audience. Is that the film's gloomy mood or some other crucial errors that lead to its debacle? Whatever it is, even a veteran like Sanjay Leela Bhansali couldn't save the drowning ship. The budget of Guzaarish was more than 67 crore, but the gross revenue was 21 crore. Truly, a disaster
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