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5 Aug 2011
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I am hereby quoting the reply to my query from dish tv customer care service, through email on [email protected]

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

Thank you for writing to dishtv.

We thank you for your continuous patronage and being our valuable

"We would like to inform you that as Zee TV HD, Zee
Cinema HD and Zee Studio HD full on HD channels will officially launch
than we will inform you .

Incase of any concerns please write to us or call us, we would be glad
to be of assistance.

We value your association and assure you of our commitment to serve you
with a smile.

Tanuja Rawat
Customer service

Time of receipt of email from dish tv : 5:13 pm (1st NOV 2011)

As soon as i get any info i will post on DDF forum. The closing of upscaled feed of many channels on the dish tv platform is an indicative of launch of new HD channels. Every operator will want to use their transponder space effectively, rather than keeping the upscaled HD feed, when its counter SD channel is available.
the foolish customer donot know that the channels had already launched......it is showing in the ad that please contact your nearest cable OR Dth .shame on dishtv and its lazy technician....
Whatever may be the case on part of Dish TV... Lets be optimist about it... But i think they should have launched the channels first and given the ad... The customer is becoming a gimmick now... All DTH forums have same full on Zee HD threads. Either they are closed or end up in discussions. Anyway it was my right to information, so i have mailed and asked dish tv customer care service... Fingers crossed for the HD channels... hope to watch them soon on the platform... that much only i can say as a dish tv hd subscriber at this moment. :)
Dear friends

before ten minutes i check personally, but until now the same logo and upscaled, no changing yet.

hope in near few days it will be HD

Hope so.. They are taking lot of time to introduce the HD channels.... Plus they have given the ad as now available, because of which everyone is getting confused. Bad marketing strategy by dish tv...
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