Discussion We want Sony's +1 channels on HD box and Binge boxes

The Lonelier Island

23 Aug 2018
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Sony's channels like SET and SAB are one of the rare channels we watch in watch our house. This is the case of most urban users. We want +1 channels specially when episodes of most shows are not available for repeat. I know it's not relevant in the day of OTT. But there are people who still find TV convenient and distraction free over streaming. If there can be a +1 for unwatchable channels like Zee TV HD +1. Sony's viewers deserves that too. Earlier bandwidth was the issue. Now that they have it. It should happen.
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Just watch it on OTT bro on ur Binge Bo or check in menu if VoD access is available on HD box....Tata Play should enable USB Recording feature on HD Box also start Push VoD facility wherein customer can select their favorite content and same can be delivered to the Box connected with USB/Hard Drive (standby mode) which customer can later watch as per their convenience
Also Sony should include both SD and HD feeds of channels in HD bouquets airing some different content on both versions as same is allowed in NTO guidelines.. . I had even shared this feedback with their Channel Head back in 2022
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