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4 May 2011
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Dear Haris Bhat,

I already have D2H DVD for past 1 year and yesterday i bought HD box to upgrade to HD world. I bought only HD box not HD DVR. The installation person called me and told that they will only place the box, the dish will remain the same. But i heard the HD dish is bigger than normal dish. He also told me the new big dish will be placed for HD DVR and not for HD box. Is this true?

Please confirm


There is no worry if you are using the smaller dish. When you upgrade, the installation engineers get it done using the same dish. If in case you purchase a new box, then you would be given a new dish which is bigger for HD. I hope it helps.
There is no such thing as no problems during the rain if the dish is bigger. Had it been so we would have provided bigger dishes to all the customers. We used to provide bigger dishes. No it is not so. I would suggest you to call the customer care for further details. You can call me as well at 02242067575 if urgent.


Haris Bhat
Whats the problem in providing Big Dish with Upgraded HD box.....

I think its not a good move by D2h....

just some low signal quality.............

like tata sky +hd dish is bigger than tata sky sd.............:)
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