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Seeking Help Help regarding dishtv rmn registering


Dream Shine
3 Jun 2013
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HI Forum members,

I am trying to change my rmn from an old number (which i dont have access to ) to a new number..When i send sms from my new number as DISHTV RMN 02511****** to 57575 i get a reply back saying " Dear customer ,the mobile number mentioned is incorrect please resend your sms as DISHTV RMN <10 DIGIT MOBILE NUMBER>... Quite strange!!!!! .how will they come to know what vc number i m linking to ?

Please help

Regards ,


Ankush Mehta

Dream Pro
2 Feb 2018
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They want verbal confirmation which i cannot do........but isnt dat procedure DISHTV RMN <VC NO> TO 57575 .why isnt it working as expected?
Contact on 9501795017 then, you can call it from other countries too
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